Digital Bank App

UI/UX Design

Case: Create the UI for a digital bank app for iOS devices, that content screens for Welcome screen, Account overview, Checking account, Transaction details and Card transaction details.

Role: Research, defining personas, creating wireframes, creating style guide, UI prototype.

Tools: Google Forms, Paper & Pen, Sketch.

For this project, after analyzing carefully all the requirements, the first steps I took on the project were competitors and user research through a survey to know more about what are the user's needs, their goals and their expectations when it comes to a bank app. After receiving a number of answers from the users, I’ve defined personas to guide me in what steps and features should I have to prioritize in the user flow to build the wireframes.

While the wireframes were built, it was the first step to build the UI for this project, starting with the UI style guide, following the color palette and typography of the brand. Aligning all components used for the style guide, it was time to build the final prototype of the UI of this project, always considering working with accessibility standards and the iOS guidelines, which was one of the main goals to build for iOS devices.